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The Alaska Apprenticeship Training Coordinators Association (AATCA) is composed of the Joint Administered Training Committee's (JATC's) of more than 20 different union construction crafts. The JATC's engage in providing quality training for the majority of construction apprentices in Alaska. Additionally they offer enhancement classes for journeyman craftsmen and Construction Academy courses for men and women to prepare them for applying to an apprenticeship or a career in the trades. The AATCA recognizes the importance of training a workforce to help meet Alaska's needs today and in the growing needs of the future. Alaska's construction industry has experienced a steady growth in recent years and in 2013 an 8% growth rate over 2012 according to CIPF-AGC Alaska.

The AATCA offers many options and many opportunities to learn a skill and help you in a career in construction. We are confident that the JATC programs that make up the AATCA provide a well-trained workforce for the construction industry. The AATCA believes that Alaska needs to train for the future.

Cheri Lipps, President
Alaska Apprenticeship Training Coordinators Association


Your Alaskan H2H Coordinator
Alexis Crabtree -
AATCA Board of Directors 2013 - 2016
(Left to right) Charlie Breitenstien – Vice President Anchorage area, Cheri Lipps – President, Bret Helms – Vice President Fairbanks area, Byron Flippin – Secretary/Treasurer